By now Italy too is an increasingly multi-ethnic country, which hosts and welcomes people from other states every day. In addition to carrying out (often) tasks that Italian citizens do not want to carry out, it increasingly happens that funding is requested from foreign citizens residing in Italy. Precisely for this reason, lenders are launching on the market loan solutions for foreigners designed specifically for this type of user.

Loans for Foreigners: the necessary requirements

Loans for Foreigners: the necessary requirements

To obtain the aforementioned loans, applicants must meet certain essential requirements, namely:

  • have residence in Italy;
  • be in possession of a residence permit;
  • work indefinitely with an age of at least six months.

Types of Loans for Foreigners

Types of Loans for Foreigners

Among the most popular foreign loan solutions are:

  • the transfer of the fifth, the solution through which the bank withdraws the loan installment directly from the paycheck, which therefore acts as a necessary and sufficient guarantee to disburse the money;
  • proxy loans, in which the monthly installment is debited directly from the current account. In this way, non-EU citizens can obtain a higher amount than the assignment of the fifth, up to 40% of the salary.

Personal Loans for Foreigners: how to apply for them?

Personal Loans for Foreigners: how to apply for them?

Once the bank and the best personal loan solution have been identified, the non-EU citizen must make the request for financing for foreigners. In the event that you go to a bank that applies online, simply follow the wizard.

Alternatively, you can go to the branch after making an appointment. Here the request will be sent by an operator who can recommend the best product to choose.

The documents to be submitted to obtain the loan for foreigners will be: an identity document, a health card, an income document, a residence permit and a document attesting residence in Italy for at least 12 months.

Loans Without Payroll For Foreigners

Loans Without Payroll For Foreigners

The difficulties encountered by foreign citizens living in Italy are manifold: from the difficulty of integration to the infinite and slow bureaucracies, from the problems related to the work aspect up to the possibility of receiving loans.

However, especially in recent years, the solutions for the many foreigners living in Italy have increased. It is clear that he has a regular employment contract and can therefore present the paycheck, which is an excellent guarantee, he will get the money more easily.

But what to do in case the citizen does not have a paycheck? The difficulties will certainly be greater. However, there is also the possibility of obtaining loans without paychecks for foreigners, offering alternative guarantees to income.

The first option is to present a guarantor to the bank, who must have a paycheck. He will have to guarantee the payment of the repayment installments to the finance company, and in the event of insolvency he will pay the unpaid sum.

Alternatively, it is possible to proceed with the property mortgage, in case you own a house. In case of non-refund, the house will be sold at auction.

Loans for Romanian Foreigners, simple and fast with Lender bank

Although the rules and procedures for obtaining financing are the same regardless of the place of origin, Romanian citizens can enjoy the support of the branch of Lender bank, a Romanian credit institution based in Rome. The proposed offer ranges from mortgages to current accounts to loans for Romanian foreigners residing in Italy.

In addition to being able to feel “at home”, Balkan citizens will be able to interface with employees who can speak the language fluently and know the customs well.

Loans for carers in Italy

Foreign carers residing in Italy and who have a regular employment contract certainly have a higher gear than foreign citizens without a job or with fixed-term contracts.

In fact, the national collective agreement of carers, domestic collaborators or family assistance is classified as employee.

In light of this, there should be no great difficulty in obtaining loans for carers, even online. The requirements required by the banks are:

  • residence in Italy;
  • demonstration of an ongoing income and employment contract;
  • documents related to the residence permit;
  • the ownership of a bank account.

Which banks are providing loans for foreigners?

Which banks are providing loans for foreigners?

Here are some examples of Italian banks and financial institutions that provide loans for Romanian foreigners or other ethnic groups residing in Italy:

  • Super cash by Capital Lender, designed for those who do not want a checking account. It is a solution also extended to non-EU workers with a regular employment contract. The basic condition is residency in Italy for at least 12 months for employees, 36 months for self-employed workers;
  • Cream bank which can also be requested by foreign workers. A maximum of 30 thousand USD are granted to be repaid within 84 installments;
  • Astro finance, the bank dedicated to foreigners of Best Bank. It’s possible take advantage of the measured advice offered by mother tongue operators for a large portion of foreigners.

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