In relationships of love, in principle all is love, romance and understanding; But if the relationship begins to wane, gets complicated and eventually breaks up, causing a divorce, the finances are the main theme that sells to relapse.

Among the main causes of divorce are the lawsuits. Money and household finances may eventually be an important factor that ultimately deteriorates the relationship of marriage.


Main causes of divorce

Main causes of divorce

Consumer debts have an important weight in the deterioration of the quality of marriage life. This kind of deudas, better known as “credit cards”; It has become a major factor in predicting the percentage of divorces. It causes financial discomfort between the partner and increases the possibility of conflicts related to money; They are reducing the amount of time that goes together.

The newly married couple, who start their life together with high girls, are less fortunate during their marriage, compared to those who have been able to pay off their marriage before or before their marriage. It is not relevant if the parejas are poor or rich; that the stresses of these have the same effects in both cases.


Active assets and family stability

Active assets and family stability

In exchange, they may have assets as for example: improvements, properties, money in cash, investments and other positions; aids and solidity to the relationship of pairing. This type of partnership experiences less conflict, which translates into a breakdown of the possibilities of divorce.

The tranquility of having assets of greater security to women. Wives with a large number of marital assets are less likely to file for divorce. In the first 36 months of marriage; Any partner with no active partner is 70% more likely to end up divorcing than other partner with $ 10,000 active.

How the spouse manages the money; It also has an important role in the stability and quality of family life in the United States. When it turns out that the spouse does not manage the money well, it results in low levels of happiness in marriage; And 45% are more likely to be divorced. The opinions that make sure you have financial disagreements for at least once a week are 30% more vulnerable to divorce, than those that you are not discussing on this topic at times.

In conclusion, the lawsuits and handling of money are the main causes of divorce and the determining factor in the satisfaction of marriage; only extramarital relationships (infidelities), excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse, exceeding the time to determine the chances of divorce in couples.

On the other hand, the pairings that remain the same in terms of the type of consumption, in spending the most money of the need and having a plan to save money to build a future together and a solid financial aspect, are in a better position. . . . . to enjoy marriage and family life, but also to have a healthy bank.

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